President's Message

Welcome to our CFAA website. I am excited about the upcoming year! Even though we will not be meeting in person in February 2021, our Board had decided to Keep in Touch with at least a message per month. I was to be a presenter in 2021 and have many designs ready. I am currently doing videos to share some with you now. Technology is so good that we can perhaps meet over ZOOM, and for sure send out a monthly newsletter with some sort of presentation included. It is a challenge to us all but we surely have the time to figure it all out.

Our amazing website will have the latest info for you so please check it out frequently. We would also like to hear from you. Please post notes on the website for all to see and/or email me if you have ideas for our distance meetings. How about sending us some of the designs you are doing during this Pandemic. Use garden greens and flowers. We all have lots of containers!

Speaking of containers: I have 6 bins filled with components that I will donate to the Ways and Means and other Board members will donate as well! It is time to share.

Looking forward to our Monthly correspondence!

Please stay well,

Your Friend in Flowers,

Kathleen Hawryluk, Acting President 2020-2021