A new year a new season is always to be celebrated, we see nature change and we want to see that change reflected in our immediate surrounding. We saw changes at our 2018 Seminar; we had lunch and dinner tickets for all meals for the first time as well as starting dinner earlier. Our featured speaker, Carla Barbaglia presented her program on Sunday morning instead of the usual Saturday night.


Trends are everywhere, they influence our fashion choices, interior design, what food we buy and of course floral art. When it comes to the world of fashion, designers and editors often turn to the global cat walk show to find inspiration for the next season and the floral design world is very similar. Looking to our international counterparts is a fruitful way of identifying new techniques. Such was the case earlier this year at our 2018 Seminar, we had a workshop using yarn, the designs were fabulous as was the workshop “Wired for Design” using innovative wiring techniques that manipulate plant material. We are always eager to learn new trends and working with new materials in innovative ways and gaining skills to use and share with friends.


It feels good after our featured designer; Carla finished her program to see the audience on their feet applauding, something that we have not seen for a long time. What’s new, what’s happening and where to find it? Everyone was pleased with the many Kaleidoscope designs; it is always a great display as well as lots of talent. We thank you all for being a big part of Seminar 2018.


We are all anxiously looking forward to Seminar 2019. CFAA will continue to bring you great designers, programs as well as workshops. Check your emails as well as the website, and mark your calendars now for February 21-24, 2019 in sunny Florida.


I am most grateful to the members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors who have all worked tirelessly this year on your behalf, I do appreciate their support. On behalf of your Board have great summer, stay healthy until we see you all at Seminar 2019.



Helga Frazzette

President CFAA, Inc.