President's Message


What a wonderful Seminar we had in February! I hope you all went to your respective homes and told all your designer friends about what an exciting and rewarding event you had attended. As we know, it takes a lot of teamwork each year to make it happen. THANKS to everyone who worked for the 2019 Seminar and to outgoing President Helga Frazzette for her service the last two years. Let's carry on with continued growth and success. HATS OFF to the incoming Board of Directors! Get to know them in 2020; they want to get to know you.

Do you ever think about all the activity that's going on behind the scenes at the Seminar? Be aware it takes an army of "worker bees" to make things go smoothly. If assisting in some way for 2020 Seminar interests you, please let us know. Thanks for your input on the Surveys that were circulated during the seminar. We DO hear from you and as we begin the summer with planning for the upcoming Seminar, we will be mindful of your input; fresh ideas are welcomed.

One of the highlights of 2019 Seminar was the fantastic lobby design! Our thanks go to Carol Friedman and Elaine Schweitzer who climbed the ladder and created the amazing structure. These two super-talented designers were first time-attendees to the Seminar! Thanks to Kathleen Hawryluk for recruiting them for this special assignment.

Our new Webmaster and Social Media Chairman, Valerie Seinfeld, welcomes your thoughts as to what you'd like to see on our website; we hope to expand our outreach through social media in order to keep in touch with current members and, crucially , to recruit new members.

A note from our Design Dimensions team - please make your Kaleidoscope designs more sturdy next year. Our photo shoot folks cannot shoot your design if things fall apart when the design is moved from pedestal to the photo shoot room. Three things to remember: Mechanics, Conditioning and Printing legibly on your Designer Information form.

Do remember to promote CFAA with your friends and fellow designers. We need to recruit new members and to encourage more participation in the Seminar and in our Kaleidoscope display. You can help! We're counting on you! Claudia Bates, our new 1st Vice President, is working on some surprises for speakers and workshops for 2020 - you don't want to miss it.

Best to all.

Jan Sillik

CFAA President 2019-2021